Payment FAQ


Do you offer flexible payment options? Yes!! we are pleased to offer our customers with flexible payment options when completing their order.


What payment options do you offer? We offer our customers with the option to split their payments at checkout. Meaning if you have funds on one card but it’s not enough to complete your order you can add an additional source of payment using the blue Split Payment button located above the grey checkout button on your check out page. You may also invite someone via email to help you complete your order without having to leave the site.


We are also very pleased to announce that we offer a full payment plan via layaway. Select Put it on Lay-Buy at checkout and this will allow you to set up your layaway plan.


How do I qualify for Layaway? Currently our Layaway option is available to everyone. We don’t run any kind of credit check or ask for any kind of supporting documents at this time. Just select Lay-Buy at checkout and pay the required deposit and your all set!!!


What is the minimum down payment for the Layaway option? You will be required to put down a minimum down payment of 30% of your purchase total. The Maximum down payment amount you can put down will be 50% of your purchase total.


How much time will I have to pay off my Layaway remaining balance? Your final payment will be due and will automatically process out of your account 30 days after the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase your items on 06/13/2020 then your remaining balance amount will process automatically on 07/14/2020 in some cases the system may run your payment the following day.



Can I cancel my Layaway plan? Yes, cancelling your Layaway plan is simple just send an email to our support team at support@beautifullvixen.com and type cancellation request in the subject line.(please note any request made without the correct subject title may cause a delay in response please make sure to type cancellation request in your subject line when contacting our support team)

Can I request an extension? Absolutely we understand life happens and we are here to assist our customers anyway we can. Please feel free to  send your request for an extension to our support team at support@beautifullvixen.com and in the subject line please include your first and last name and type extension request. (jane smith extension request) Please note any request made without the correct subject title may cause a delay in response please use the correct subject title. Every customer is allowed one extension request per layaway purchase. Your request for an extension must be made prior to your next schedule due date.


Can I pay off my layaway earlier? Yes, Please contact our support team at  support@beatifullvixen.com in the subject line please type your first and last name and Buy Now. (jane smith Buy Now) Please use the correct subject line to avoid delays in your request


If I opt into the layaway plan when will I receive my items? Your items will ship out after your final layaway payment has been paid customers will receive confirmation that there items have shipped via email.